Audrey Carlan - Milan, San Francisco & Montreal (Intenational Guy Vol. 2) {Review}

Audrey Carlan, the author from Calendar Girl, Trinity, Lotus House and Falling series is back with a new project!

'International Guy' is a new 12 books series and in each book, Parker Ellis stars a new adventure:

"Parker Ellis, CEO of International Guy Inc., advises the wealthiest people in the world on life and love. And sometimes he can’t help it when things heat up and he ends up in bed with his clients. 
This International Guy knows that there’s a whole world waiting for him. But as he goes from city to city—and from woman to woman—it’s possible that he just might find his own love along the way…"

Come and check it out the review of their next adventures: Milan, San Francisco and Montreal!

Milan, Italy. Where fashion rules, these twelve models are getting schooled in the sweet arts of sensuality and seduction.
With intimate pictures of me and starlet Skyler Paige igniting a tabloid sexstorm, the gig in Milan is perfectly timed. I need a distraction. And what a distraction: a dozen gorgeous Italian lingerie models—every one of them a mouthwatering temptation…
The problem? These aren’t professionals. They’re real women—soft, lush, and inexperienced. They need International Guy to show them how to embrace their sexy on the runway.
With my personal life challenges and just a week to empower each one, I’m not on my game. All I can think about is Skyler. Her voice. Her body. Her taste. I swore I’d never settle down. With so many women in so many cities, can I really consider taking myself off the market for just one woman?

Milan, Italy. That's where International Guy sends Parker and Bo in order to help twelve models who never posed before and are about to step on the catwalk in a huge fashion event. But before, Parker needs to figure out what happened to Skyler that pushed her away... And let's not talk about the pictures that should be to his eyes only and now are worldwide!

Parker Ellis is in the middle of a hurricane... His personal life went from total pleasure to a total chaos in a blink of en eye. In one moment he's living his life peacefully, happy that his love life was going to a good place, doing a great job with International Guy, and in the other he just can't even walk anymore without having paparazzi shoving cameras and asking inconvenient questions to him.

While he's in this storm of emotions and news, Parker still has a job to do. But will he be able to conciliate his personal life with the professional without one messing the fragile equilibrium of the other?

In this forth book of International Guy series, Parker Ellis is still busy with his work, and his love life seems to be hunted by insecurities and jealousy. That's something new for this character that until now was only fun and work...

I think 'Milan' shows another level in Parker's life that, even denying it, he knows where all this thing is going... And it's also here, Parker and Skyler will have to make a decision really important in their lives, and deal with the consequences of their choices.

It's impossible deny that these two characters have a chemistry so intense that sets everything on fire... Hahahaha, seriously! It's so hot you need fire gloves to turn the pages! Get a lot of water and put the fireman's phone number on the speed dial!

Next stop: San Francisco!

San Francisco, California. Steam is rising fast in the City by the Bay.
I’ve been hired to find a love match for a stunning, powerful, and lonely CEO. She’s through with being mined by gold diggers who only want her money and her body. She’s looking for love.
Imagine my surprise when my business partner Royce offers himself up on a silver platter, a move that could ruin everything we’ve built—our friendship, International Guy’s reputation—and even Royce’s heart.
The thing is…he’s all wrong for her, and I know it. Royce wants to settle down, but this client is most certainly not that kind of woman.
I decide to let things play out. A man has to learn his own truths—just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it.

This time our friends go to San Francisco to help a powerful CEO who's a little lonely. The mission? Work as an alive Tinder, because this business woman is tired of gold diggers who only want her money and her body... But she's a little bit too much picky; not just picky as she's beautiful and a financial genius! And guess who basically offers to be the sacrifice just like Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games? Hahahaha, yes, Royce, one of Parker's best friends and partner on International Guy!

Well, remember when I said the new client was picky? Soon Royce starts to realize that the situation wasn't a really good one... Not just that, but Parker was also standing against the fact that his friend being involved with a client! Really, Parker? You, who never got involved with a cliente? Hahahahaha, hypocrisy sends its regards!

And it looks like that Parker would face some problems not just with the client -- who seems blind to not see what was in front of her for years --, but also doing the best he can to avoid Royce getting hurt. And if that wasn't enough, he'll have to deal with a desperate situation with Skyler!

In 'San Francisco', Parker is in a difficult spot. At the same time he needs to work as a cupid, looking for a mate that meets all his client's expectations, Parker has to find a way to keep Royce in line, even if himself had crossed that line with two clients...

To get everything worst, Parker has to deal with a Skyler in crisis and away. Though their relationship is new, all they lived is what makes it even more special to Parker (and also to Skyler), he can barely believe that that amazing woman walked in his life and refused to leave! But their house of cards is about to collapse when Skyler decides to deal with a part of her past with her own hands.

I can't even hold my anxiety with the next book! Oh Lord, things are about to blow!

Next stop: Montreal!

Montreal, Canada—where the summers can get a little sticky.
I should have known better. Never fall, Parker. Now I’m getting as far away from my personal problems as I can. Back to business. Except it’s hard to focus on anything but the prospect of a good time with my new client. She’s a corporate genius with bangin’ curves, endlessly long legs, and pouty pink lips begging for my…services.
Someone’s been stealing and selling her trade secrets and only International Guy can help her. How can I say no to such a tempting plea?
Only she’s inviting more than intrigue. Now that she’s got a tight hold on me, she could be leading the way into all kinds of trouble. I’m not afraid. I think it might be fun to drown my sorrows in the arms of a smokin’ hot blonde.

Parker is facing really serious problems in his personal life, but work calls and he uses it as a way to get away of a hard reality, at least for a moment. This time, the entire team: Parker, Royce, Bo and Wendy, go to Montreal, Canada, to help an entrepreneur to find out who's been leaking her secret projects to the competitors.

If it wasn't enough the new client be a corporate genius, she's really hard to not look at... And it's extremely irresistible to not give in when she asks more than a professional help, and offers Parker a good fun and an opportunity to forget his personal problems. All he has to do is accept. And hurt as he is, take that step is a huge temptation to Parker.

But something with this mission goes waaaaay to south and a tragedy comes for the International Guy's team. With one of its member in risk of life, the rest of the team will need to deal with all sorts of emotions and unbelievable situations. And besides that, some decisions might affect their lives forever...

Oh my God, ohhh myyyy Goooood! After the sock about how everything ended with 'San Francisco', I can't say I have nails anymore. But nothing compares with the way of how 'Montreal' got me nervous. I was the entire book trembling like a freaking Pinscher/Chiwawa waiting to the shit hit the fan!

The entire book I just wanted to punch Parker in the face. Jesus, he's an ass sometimes! Honestly, helping the new client thing was in a second thought for me. In the back of my mind I read those parts kind of impatient because I was so nervous with that Parker situation that I didn't even care about the client's problem! Hahhahaha

An when you think that things couldn't get any worse... Bam! There goes Audrey Carlan and throws a freaking hurricane (way of speak) in the plot and get us all screaming around desperate! I was kind of in shock with the plot twist, I wasn't waiting for that...

I need the next books like, FOR YESTERDAY! FOR GOD'S SAKE!

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