Jaimie Roberts - Headmaster {Review}

'Headmaster' by Jaimie Roberts, brings us the story of Sasha, a girl who had been considered "missing" for three years and now is trying to come back to her life and running to get her things straight, especially school.

One night at a pub on her 18th birthday, a dared with a friend and a kiss, makes her feel alive and scared. But she would have the surprise of her life in the next day...

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At one time, I had truly believed that I’d experienced enough drama in my life.

Clearly, I’d been wrong.

It all began the night before I was due to start my final year of school—the night of my eighteenth birthday. Since I had been considered “missing” for three years, I had failed to finish off the last year of my education. This was why I needed to let loose a little. I was turning eighteen and was finally legal to drink, so, why not? The next morning, I would be going to school with a bunch of ladies three years younger than I was. Even if it was for no other reason, I felt this entitled me to have a little fun.

The night started off well enough:
Girl meets boy. Girl gets dared to buy boy drink and kiss him within fifteen minutes of receiving said drink.

It sounds like it would have been plain and simple, right?


I had no idea that his kiss would be the kiss to end all kisses. One taste of him, and I was lost for the first time in all my eighteen years.

But I wasn’t meant to feel anything… Three years of living in Hell had taught me that. But, this man … just … awakened me.

I went home that night feeling both alive and scared shitless at the same time.

However, that wasn’t the worst of it.

The very next day at assembly in school, we were all introduced to our new headmaster…

None other than the very same man who had—just the night before—locked lips with me in the most hypnotic, take-your-breath-away kiss I had ever had.

Yeah, I am seriously screwed.

He’s a forbidden fruit that I long to taste again. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get that kiss out of my head. So badly, I want to escape him, his presence, his ... everything.

It seems, however, that the universe has other ideas.

When she was fifteen, Ray was kidnapped by a friend from her family and kept away for almost three years. Now, with eighteen years old and under a new ID, Sasha fights to take back her life by her mother's side and runs to get her things straight, specially at school. On her last day off before her classes starts and on her eighteen birthday, Sasha is at a pub talking with a friend when he dares her: get to kiss the handsome stranger who's at a table in less than fifteen minutes of conversation.

Although a little bit reticent, Sasha agrees. When she aprpoaches, insecurity growns inside her, but as weird it could be, when she explains what was going on, the guy makes her to win the damn dare. And see, it wasn't just a kiss... It was THE kiss! That stranger, named Easton, with a scotish accent, with that leather jacket and bad boy written all over his face, was able to mess, and a lot, with Sasha... in a way she never thought it would be possible, specially after everything she whent through...

Now, imagine her surprise when she discovered the next day that Easton, was none other than Easton Lockhart, the school's new headmaster! The discover surprised both of them, so they agree in forget what happened last night at the pub and keep away from each other. But the destiny had as main goal to bring Sasha and Easton together. The attraction was already huge, and now is ready to explode.

But what would they do with this new situation? It was kinda impossible they have a relationship without it compromise their lives at school, and no way Sasha would be ok if something happened to Easton carreer because of her, specially now that she know he can bring her to life. Just as they can see the light in the end of the tunnel, a ghost from Sasha's past comes back to hunt her and when she finally notice it, can be too late.

'Headmaster' by Jaimie Roberts brings us a story that takes the reader to a constant state of anxiety waiting the sh*t hit the fan. This book is an emotional roller coaster and you never know what's about to happen in the next chapter. Its characters are very well developed, they are strong and with a lot of baggage. There's no way you don't feel involved by Jaimie's words.

During the reading, the author brings us a lot of flashbacks, everything Ray/Sasha's been through while she was with her kidnapper, so we have an idea on how he was able to twist her and how it marked her in a way beyond imaginable. But Jaimie also shows how Ray/Sasha rebuilt herself, getting even stronger. She breaks your heart, let me tell you that!

Easton is a character that also has a huge importance in this book. In the beginnig I thought he would have other purpose, but it was interesting to see how the author worked on it. I must confess I was a little bit concerned with the thing between Easton and Sasha, especially because he has such power at the school... But it was in the beginning, because after Jaimie started to work on the plot, I could see it was very different from what I imagined. 

'Headmaster' is a really good reading if you want something differente but still a romance novel. It's a book that even with the emotional thing, the reading goes smooth and easily. Jaimie Roberts brings us delicated subjects, but doesn't allow her characters be labeled as victims, instead she makes face them as survivers, especially when she shows us how their ended up stronger after everything.

It's a must read!
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