Audrey Carlan - Paris, New York & Copenhagen (Intenational Guy Vol. 1) {Review}

Audrey Carlan, the author from Calendar Girl, Trinity, Lotus House and Falling series is back with a new project!

'International Guy' is a new 12 books series and in each book, Parker Ellis stars a new adventure:

Parker Ellis, CEO of International Guy Inc., advises the wealthiest people in the world on life and love. And sometimes he can’t help it when things heat up and he ends up in bed with his clients.
This International Guy knows that there’s a whole world waiting for him. But as he goes from city to city—and from woman to woman—it’s possible that he just might find his own love along the way…

Come and check it out the review of the first three books: Paris, New York and Copenhagen! 

Paris, France. The City of Lights is buzzing with more than just electricity…
I love women. All women. I’ve made a career out of being exactly what a woman needs.
You want something outta life and have the money to back that dream? Let’s discuss it. For the right price, anything is possible, and I’m the guy who’s going to help you get it. There’s no challenge I can’t meet, and I never leave a client unsatisfied.
So when perfume heiress Sophie Rolland calls me to help take her family’s company—and Paris—by storm, I know exactly what she needs. Just a few days with my team and there will be no stopping Sophie.
Watching a gorgeous woman come alive in the City of Lights—that’s why I got into this business. Not to mention what happens when those lights go out…
My name is Parker Ellis. You can call me The Dream Maker.

Parker Ellis and his friends, Bo and Royce, are specialist in advise wealth people on life, love and sometimes work, and that's how the International Guy Inc was born. In the first book, the three friends travel to Paris in order to help Sophie Rolland, a perfume heiress...

Although Sophie is great on working with fragrances, she had a lot to learn not just about her family business but also about herself. Bo would help Sophie with her look, Royce was in charge to advise her about company financial area of the company and Parker... Parker was in charge to help Sophie to find her confidence.

With their help, slowly Sophie starts to blossom into a beautiful, elegant and lovely woman and, a powerful girlboss. And it is under Paris spell that Parker allow himself to get caught by Sophie's friendship and sex appeal. But when it's time for another job, will he be ready to say goodbye?

Honestly, I was expecting something like a male version of the Calendar Girl Series, because it's impossible you don't think about it once both series have its main character traveling around the world and are also a 12 book series... But 'Paris' proved that International Guy is way more interesting than I thought.

In the beginning I thought Parker would be just another womanizer who couldn't care less about his jobe and stuff... Well, what we have here is a character who is really good at his job! And by that I mean not only Parker but also Bo and Royce; each one a genious in their own area. All the three friends are charismatics, responsible and don't take anything lightly, especially when it's concern their clients and women safety.

In the first book we have an overview of each character, especially Parker, what are the friends' roles in the company and how International Guy works. 'Paris' was a good reading, fun in some parts and serious when it needed to be... Definitely worth the time! I do believe that if you enjoyed the Calendar Girl Series, for sure you'll like 'International Guy'!

And now, what's gonna be the team's next adventure?

Next stop: New York!

New York, New York. In the city that never sleeps, it’s still easy to dream…
I’m a professional. That doesn’t mean I can’t lose control. I’m only human. But I’d better watch myself with Skyler Paige. She’s the hottest movie star on the planet right now—the woman I’ve crushed on for years—and she’s on the edge of losing it. She needs to find her muse. Hell, she needs to find herself. But most of all, she needs International Guy’s help. That’s why she’s come to me, Parker Ellis.
Ever since Skyler opened her door, it’s been a freakin’ hurricane of charged lust between us. Damn. Those lips. That body. The need to have her once, twice, or a million times before our three weeks are up.
I just don’t want to go too far, too fast. Only she’s making it so hard.
Because the danger of mixing business with pleasure is that sometimes you feel a lot more than you should.

This time International Guy sends Parker Ellis to New York in order to help Skyler Paige, an A-list actress and model, to find her muse, her will to act again. To be able to do his magic, Parker will need to be with Skyler 24/7 and that means he'll need to move in with the young actress during his time in New York. The thing is: Skyler is Parker's ultimate crush and something tells him that proximity won't be so easy.

But Skyler's problems are way deeper than burnout. Slowly, Parker starts to act in order to make Skyler come out of her shell and start living. They spent days exploring New York, going out disguised and Parker notices that the real Skyler Paige is so much more than the media shows... Just like anybody else, the lovely actress has her insecurities, fears and dreams, but the weigh of the fame suffocated her real personality and Parker will do everything in his power to make Skyler show all her truth.

As the time Parker and Skyler spends together grows, the explosive attraction between them also sparks. Parker knows that this is different; it's not just because Skyler is a client, an A-list actress besides his ultimate crush, she's also way more important in his life than he thought. With Skyler, Parker starts to feel and think about things he didn't consider possible before and knows that when the time to leave comes, he'll need to make a really tough choice...

Well, well, well... Second book better than the first! Not that 'Paris' wasn't good, but 'New York' have that a different spicy... In this book we have a better view of who Parker is, we get to know better the character who stars this series as well as a good development of the story itself.

Parker still masters in his job and it seemed to me that with Skyler, he was acting more in a psychologist way, at least in the beginning, of course. I really liked to see how he've helped Skyler to realize what was wrong with her and what she needed to do to overcome that hard time she was having not just in her profissional as personal life as well.

Besides, now we can see a side of Parker that we haven't seen before, where he is vulnerable and thoughtful, a side where he wants more but at the same time he knows he'll need to put his personal life aside and move forward to his next assignment... What the future holds for Parker?

Only the next books will tell...

Next stop: Copenhagen!

Copenhagen, Denmark. In the City of Spires, everything is spiraling out of control.
My latest project has trouble written all over her. And it’s my favorite kind: lush curves; full, kissable lips; and a wicked smile that promises a million sins. But Christina Kaarsberg is a whole new gamble. She’s a princess—as in the Danish royal family. And if I make one mistake, my International Guy business will be royally screwed.
There’s a lot more riding on this job than just a woman who needs help. Not only do I have to tame this soon-to-reign bad girl but I also have to convince her to marry the crown prince and accept her rightful place as the next queen of Denmark.
It turns out that our sexy little princess is playing a game. I just need to figure out which rules to follow…and which ones to break.

After Paris and New York, International Guy now sends Parker Ellis to Copenhagen, in order to tame a way too rebel princess! No, you didn't get it wrong: PRINCESS! Parker knows what this success will mean to IG's reputation, but also knows that's a lot in risk if he fail... And it seems this princess won't be so easy to tame!

For some reason the young danish princess Christina Kaarsberg decided to give up of everything, including her love and reputation, and in a blink of an eye, she went from a well seen princess to a party girl. Parker knows that behind all that there's at least one strong reason to the princess give everything up and he is determined to figure out what's going on with Christina Kaarsbeg...

It not takes too long to Parker starts to bring to light some things about the princess that doesn't match with the image she's trying to show to the public... Now, Parker just needs to find a way to make her admit what's going on and convince the princess to change her mind and accept her rightful place... Easier said than done!

Well, that's new... A princess? Who'd say?! LOL! I think that was a new touch that 'Copenhagen' brought to this series, but I must confess I was expecting something different... I'm not saying that Audrey Carlan's story is bad, far far faaaar from that! In this book the author shows us a Parker Ellis a little bit different from the previous books. I believe he was a little bit insecure because he knew how that client was valuable and the impact of the success or failure for International Guy.

I really thought that Christina Kaarsberg, the danish princess, was going to be a pain in Parker's face, but she ended up being a light character. And though Parker thought it would be hard to deal with the princess, her problems are just like his other clients. Chin up, shake the dust off and put her personal life in the right patch.

Talking about personal life... Parker will have to work really hard to find a balance between his love life and his job. And something tells me that our friend will need to work even harder to get his things straight!

I'm crazy to know how Parker Ellis will get out of this mess!

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You can also find the 'International Guy Vol. 1' where you have those 3 books in one... And there's also a paperback version of it!

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