Tara Sivec - At The Stroke of Midnight (The Naughty Princess Club #1) {Review}

As tomorrow is the 'In Bed With The Beast' I thout it would be nice to post the review from the first book of 'The Naughty Princess Club'!

'At The Stroke of Midnight' is a contemporary and funny reading of Cinderela's fairy tale, and trust me, it is goooood!

Cynthia seems to have the perfect life, at the perfect neighborhood and the perfect family... Until her husband (now ex) runs away with their babysitter and with all the money from the bank, leaving behind Cynthia and their daughter with no money to pay the bills.

An unlikely friendship between three women, and with it, the idea of a new business that could help them get out of money trouble... Now they'd only need a sensual music, a pole dance and a loooooot of courage.

What the hell are they up to?
Meet the Naughty Princess Club: a brand new series from USA Today bestselling author Tara Sivec that introduces readers to Fairytale Lane and the hilarity—and romance—that ensue when three women start a new business to make it rain.
Once upon a time Cynthia was the perfect housewife. Between being the President of the PTA and keeping her home spotless without a hair (or her pearls) out of place, her life was a dream come true. Her husband was once her knight in shining armor, but now he’s run off with all their money…and the babysitter.
Dressed as a princess at the annual Halloween block party on Fairytale Lane, she meets two other “princesses” also facing money troubles: antique store owner Ariel and librarian Isabelle. When the women are invited to wear their costumes to a party where they’re mistaken for strippers, Cindy, Ariel, and Belle realize that a career change could be the best way to make their money problems go bippity-boppity-boo. 
But can structured Cindy approach a stripper pole without sanitizing wipes? And could the blue-eyed anti-prince that has been crossing her path become Cindy’s happily ever after? At the Stroke of Midnight is a hilarious, empowering story where princesses can save themselves while slaying in stilettos.

Cynthia was the perfect housewife: impeccable house, her work as the President of the PTA was always a success, she was always well dressed and with her pearls on and she used to do everything to please her husband. But that didn't stop him from running away with their babysitter...and with all the money they had plus, his parent's company money, leaving Cynthia and their daughter without a penny to pay the bills. At least he signed the divorce papers...

Now Cynthia is doing her best to keep the show going on, from the outside her life was all good, but from the inside everything is falling apart: she has to deal with her rebel teenager daughter and trying to get to the end of the month with with her bank account in blue. In the middle of this crises, Cythia will have to step down a little and accept help no matter where it comes from... She just didn't expect that it would come from Ariel, the not very well seen redhair in the neighborhood.

Thing is, Ariel and Isabelle — a nerd and shy librarian, were also with really short money and together they look for a way to get out of that trouble, and out of nowhere there's an offer to they go to a birthday party dressed as Disney Princesses, and a really good paycheck. A child's party, dressed as princesses? Easy money! But not. The birthday party was actually for a grown up man and to his kinda drunk mates... Needless to say the ladies ran the hell out of there, right?

That misunderstanding inlights the possibility of a new business. Soon they come up with 'The Naughty Princess Club', where the princesses in question would provide you with a personal striptease... The only problem: none of them had experince in that particular area; Cynthi was a housewife with a pearl necklace, Ariel once was the owner of an antique shop and Belle was a librarian who lived in the basement of her father's house. But a business card put the girls in the experient hands of a stripper who accept help them.

The stripper in question worked at the Charming's, a club owned by no one else but P.J., the birthday boy! I mean, the birthday man! Since the first moment she saw him, even before the party, Cynthia couldn't keep him away from her thoughts, mas the last thing she needed at the moment was a man in her life, a man who wasn't easy to deal with. Now, knowing about the blondie's problems, P.J. offers himself to help her and starts to show a different side she didn't know he had. And let's not talk about the super explosive attraction between Cynthia and P.J.!

But is it a good idea mix pleasure with business? Things get even more complicated when feelings start to show up, but a family drama can put all in risk...

Ok, think about a book with no strings attached, easy to read and funny! When I started reading, I truly believed it would be some cliche, more of those Cinderela's story that we have out there... But booooooy, I was wrong! Every page was a different laugh, shout and 'what on earth?!'! LOL

Cynthia is that character that put everyone's happiness in front of her own. In this case, she changed entirely to please her husband, that idiot. For a long time all she wanted was a family and when she finally have it, Cynthia did everything in her power to keep it, but she lost herself in the process. Cynthia loses completely the reference of who she is and what she wants, and only realize it when her husband runs away with the babysitter and the cash, not even thinking twice about his wife and daughter.

But of course that after the shock, she shakes it off and when Ariel and Belle step in, Cynthia takes back her life after 13 years. Since the beginnig when the idea of 'The Naughty Princess Club' started, the thought of those three women becoming strippers, and dressed as Disney Princesses, was way too hilarious for me! LOL

One thing I'd love to have seen, was P.J.'s perspective. Since the first time he shows up, right in the beginning, kind of misterious and rebel, ele didn't caught only Cynthia's attention, but mine as well. Obviously that during the book Tara Sivec shows us more about the character; about from where he comes from, about the Charming's and how he starts to envolve with Cynthia, but even though I'd like to know what was on his mind...

'At The Stroke of Midnight' is a contemporary and funny reading of Cinderela's fairy tale, even with the names and stuff! Written in a such good way that you can barely see the time passing, author Tara Sivec approaches important topics with very interesting plots and characters!


So far 'The Naughty Princess Clube' is a trilogy... But it's so funny that I hope we have more books! Below I'm listing the titles so you can keep up with the series...

                 * Book 1 - At The Stroke of Midnight
                 * Book 2 - In Bed With The Beast (release date: jun/05)
                 * Book 3 - Kiss The Girl (release date: sept/04)

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